Ricks Cafe Negril

5 Things You Should Know Before Cliff Diving At Ricks Cafe in Negril


Cliff diving is a pastime that is usually attributed to people who are looking for the next big thrill. If you are looking for excitement and you will be in Jamaica, you may want to consider a dive from a cliff at the famed Ricks Cafe. Before you head to the islands and try catapulting from an acme, you should consider the following five points.

There Is A Moderate Level Of Risk Involved

Yes. Cliff diving is dangerous in general, but more so at places like Ricks Cafe. This is because you will be diving straight into the sea, as opposed to landing in fresh water. In case you didn’t know, this is much harder on the body. The less experienced you are when it comes to cliff diving, the more likely it is you will not have a great experience. Before you head there believing it will be the same as all of your previous dives in other places, do some research to make sure that you are prepared for what is in store.

Choose The Appropriate Height

There are multiple cliffs to jump from when you are at Ricks. If you know that you lack experience and you are far from a daredevil, you should certainly stick to one of the lower cliffs. Trying to impress others by diving from a cliff that is far above your skill level is a recipe for disaster. The highest cliff is about 30 feet from the surface, yet the lowest is only five feet above the water; choose wisely.

Drink AFTER You Jump

Many people head to Ricks to partake in some of the tasty libations believing that liquid courage is the key to a great diving experience. This is a huge mistake since being impaired generally leads to people being less than attentive when listening to instructions they are given. While no one is saying that you should not have the opportunity to enjoy a drink or two, you should save that part for after your dive had been completed.

Keep Your Legs Straight

One problem that many people have when diving there is quite simple: They believe that curling their legs, diving head first or doing cannonballs is a great idea. The truth is that none of these is acceptable when you are diving from the cliffs at Ricks, regardless of which height you select. In order to ensure the best experience, you should make sure that your legs are completely straight so gravity helps you land as smoothly as possible. Landing any other way can lead to discomfort, bruises and/or more serious injuries.

Don’t Be Coerced Into Jumping

The most enjoyable cliff dives are those completed by people who were prepared and ready to do something totally out of the box. If you have friends and other people trying to force you into it and you are not fully comfortable with the idea, it would be best if you refused. This is not an activity that is for everyone and feeling forced will negate the thrill and excitement for you. You can have just as much sitting back and watching others take a dive into the water.

There are numerous things to do when you are in Jamaica, yet countless tourists flock to Ricks Cafe each year in order to take a dive from one of the cliffs on the property. If this is something that you have on your to-do list and you want to make sure that you have a positive experience, make sure that you remember all of this advice along the way.