Mayfield Falls Negril

Mayfield Falls Negril – The Top Eco-Tourism Destination In Jamaica


Mayfield Falls in Negril, Jamaica is branded as the top ecotourism attraction in Jamaica. It is around 30 miles from Negril.

There are a number of natural pools and waterfalls to enjoy but the best part of the tour is the quite nature walk on the scenic route. It is an excellent choice for individuals who want to go to a place to relax and meditate.

One of the unique things about Mayfield Falls Negril is that it is not a crowded place as tourists do not throng this place in droves and you get to soak in the scenic beauty, the sound of natural water, and the chirping of birds without worrying about a thing in the world.

Meant for Experience and not just Sightseeing

Mayfield waterfalls are meant to play in and these are not just for sightseeing. The falls consist of a series of small cascades (21 total cascades) that are conveniently spaced out. It may also be described as a collection of mini cascades and individual rapids.

The tallest waterfall is known as the Washing Machine and it is around 3 m tall. There is enough space behind the waterfall to get behind the curtain of water and wave your hands through the water curtain.

Since there are no large waterfalls, it makes for a nice outing for the day. It’s not that difficult to walk through the water as water flows at a comfortable pace.

There is greenery everywhere and you get the feeling that you are moving through a jungle. The grounds around the falls are well maintained. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will feel one with nature when you go to Mayfield Falls.

It is important to keep in mind that the stones in the falls are slippery and you will need to wear water shoes to walk safely. If you don’t have water shoes, you can easily rent them for a small fee (around $6).

There are also a lot of trees and shade which means you shouldn’t be too concerned about sunburn.

There isn’t much to do here as it is more of a place to relax and spend some time in nature. You will keep moving through water for around 60 to 90 min.

There is a lot of natural scenery to take photographs but it is important to bring a waterproof camera as you will need to get wet to go through most of the falls.

As far as the length of the river walk is concerned, it is around 3/4 miles in length. There’s a total of 7 natural Jacuzzi where you can experience a completely natural full body massage. There is also an underwater cave for two where you can get behind the water curtain.

Petting Zoo

There is also a petting zoo with lots of ducks and geese. Dance shows and cultural music shows are also organized on several days each week featuring trained Jamaican folk singers who perform traditional songs. The petting zoo also has parrots, sheep, silk birds, turkeys, rabbits and beautiful peacocks.

Since Mayfield Falls are close to Negril you can combine a trip to the Mayfield Falls with a trip to some other parts of the island.

The main appeal of Mayfield Falls is that you will be able to swim, scramble and wade through cascades without a whole lot of tourists as most of the tourists like to go to Dunn’s river falls. At Mayfield Falls, you’ll get to play in and get behind the waterfalls and get massaged by jets of natural water.

There are a number of guides that you can hire to take you through the falls.

Overall, if you’re the type of person who like spending time in nature, you will love spending time at Mayfield Falls.