Six Must See Spots in Negril, Jamaica


Some of the most beautifully stunning coastline in the entire world can be found in the quaint resort town of Negril, Jamaica. An inviting stretch of golden sand is provided on Seven Mile Beach, it is the ideal place for a dip in the Caribbean Sea and some sunbathing. There is so much to do in this pretty town, you will not have a dull moment during your visit.

Here are six hot and exciting spots to see and things to do while visiting the lovely town of Negril, Jamaica:

1. Negril Day Trip to Appleton Rum Estate, Black River as well as YS Falls

This day trip provides you the opportunity to explore the beautiful southern coast of Jamaica. This tour not only will take you to St. Elizabeth to explore the YS Falls you will also be able to take in the Black River and drop by the Appleton Rum Estate, it will also allow you to enjoy an authentic Jamaican lunch as transportation is part of the package deal.

2. A Private Bicycle Tour Of the Blue Mountains Starting at Negril and Heading to Palladium

The longest mountain range in Jamaica are the Blue Mountains which you can enjoy on a private bicycle tour. You will be driven to the Blue Mountains, enjoy a delicious breakfast as well as lunch and bike down the mountain for about twelve miles where you will be able to take a dip in the Blue Mountain mystic pool.

3. Long Bay

This world famous, blindingly white beach stretches out for eleven kilometers and is Negril´s claim to fame, this beautiful beach is guaranteed to impress even the most cynical of people. You will find all kinds of things here, from tattooed Americans, and Europeans, gigolos and hustlers offering all sorts of things such as aloe massages, drugs and sex. All sorts of water sports are offered and at night discos and reggae bars pump out music.

4. 3 Dives Jerk Centre

This shack is not very impressive, as a matter of fact, if a grade hurricane were to hit it could quite possibly be away. However, the food served there is probably the best in all of Negril. From the second you walk in your nose begins to take in the delicious smell, the sizzling lobster and colorful smoking jerk is a sight worth beholding. The wait may be long but the fresh food prepared right before your eyes will be worth it.

5. Seven Mile Beach Also known As Long Beach

Initially promoted on tourist brochures as “seven miles of only you and the sea” the once quiet and private location is now only a distant, yet happy memory. You will still see topless sunbathers lounging half submerged in the sea and the ever present smell of ganja is a natural part of the ambiance it is however now crowded with restaurants, bars and hot night spots. The beach however is still on of the most beautiful and you can enjoy the clear waters, swaying palm leaves and nearby coral reefs, it is however no longer a refuge of solitude.

6. Negril Hills

Rising inland of Negril’s West End are the Negril Hills which are a range of beautiful, low-lying hills. The raised upland is all limestone which is wildly smothered by brush. The single road which offers access from Negril to the adjoining towns is sprinkled with tiny hamlets. This is a tour that is best enjoyed and taken in by bike.

These are only five of the nearly endless locations and sights to see and experience. The beaches are beautiful, the food is to die for, the drinks are aplenty, the music is moving and the people are so friendly. This is definitely a colorful, beautiful and fun location which you will never tire of spending time in.