YS Falls Jamaica

YS Falls Tour in Negril Jamaica


Even though the Estate of YS has been around for hundreds of years, the site by the beautiful YS Falls did not open to the public until 1992. These natural wonders include seven waterfalls in all, which drop down into pools where visitors can marvel at them as they enjoy the cascading waters.

The History of YS Falls in Negril, Jamaica

Negril is one of Jamaica’s most relaxed towns. It is famous for the Seven Mile Beachî and it entices visitors with its resorts, restaurants and bars. The estate of YS got its name, it is believed, from the first owners. One was named John Yates and the other Richard Scott. The combination of their surname initials made YS the natural moniker, but some people believe it is actually from the Gaelic word for winding which is wyess.

Originally, the property was known for its production of sugar cane and dyes. By the time the 1950s arrived, the owner decided to breed cattle and thoroughbred horses. In 1990, the beautiful estate was opened up to the public and fast became a notable tourist attraction in Jamaica.

The area is protected to a degree, however. Too much foot traffic is destined to damage the falls, so visitors are limited in number at one time. Lifeguards are on duty and will happily let tourists know where to swim.

The bottom of the falls can be rocky and it is recommended that visitors wear swimming shoes. Children will be advised of the natural pools which are suited to swimming. It should be noted that all visitors to the Falls should know how to swim.


Visiting the Falls

Jamaica is known for waterfalls and the YS Falls are among the most attractive. They are secluded from crows and tend to allow people the chance to really relax and enjoy the beauty. Get to the YS Estate from your hotel and come prepared to ride on a jitney that will take you and your friends to the waterfalls themselves.

These waterfalls are 120-feet tall and tower over seven different levels. You will see that there are steps that will allow visitors the chance to view the falls without having to get in the water. But, for the best experience, it is recommended that you speak with the lifeguards to find out which pools under the falls are best for swimming.

One of the most popular pools has a rope that lets brave visitors swing from to jump into the cool waters below. For anyone who wants to test the waters but prefers to be a little more easy-going, there is a naturally fed spring pool that is only four feet deep.


More Things to Do

Besides getting to see the falls, you will want to finish your day off with a stop at a rum distillery. You can tour the distillery and enjoy tastings There are also eco cruise trips available along the Black River. These tours give visitors the best opportunities to see the Jamaican wildlife. Your pontoon boat can take you towards the Caribbean and sail through some of the most incredible mangroves where you can watch the birds and watch out for the crocodiles.
For those who are looking for beauty, nature and adventure, a day trip to the YS Falls is a must. You can book tours by going online or by asking your travel agent for help in booking before you depart for your resort stay. The YS Falls provide a great opportunity for cooling off in the natural beauty that is all a part of a complete Jamaican getaway.