Dunns River Falls: The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica ‘s greatest tourist attractions and perhaps the most photographed. These bustling waterfalls are located in the middle of the tropical forest and combine nature in its purest state with the thundering sound of water breaking on the rocks to create one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Exploited as a tourist attraction, its surroundings are closed to not allow free access. It is possible to climb to its summit (located about 900 meters from the base) with the help of a guide and group hand in hand. The route is covered in about an hour and on both sides of the waterfall there are a series of platforms to facilitate the departure of those people who for whatever reason decide not to continue climbing.

In Jamaica, there are many waterfalls scattered throughout the jungle, perfect not only to take a dip, but also to practice extreme tourism. The best known of all are the Dunn’s River Falls, which are part of what the natives called “Xayamaca” which means land of rivers and rapids.

At the arrival of the Spaniards, the area was baptized as “the chorreras” because of its large number of springs and waterfalls. With the passage of time that place ended up being known as ” Eight rivers “, although in reality there are only four rivers that pour their crystalline waters directly into the sea.

The lands where these falls are privately owned until in 1972 when the Government acquired them for exploitation as a tourist area. Dunn’s River Falls are unique in their kind. The travertine stone deposits that form them are constantly regenerated, as a consequence of the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the river. Its privileged location (near the sea) and its composition make them unique.

The park that houses them has become a mix of modern facilities that maintain the rustic charm of a natural environment. It has many well-marked paths that provide access to the upper part of the falls, a large number of car parks and areas enabled for guests to spend an unforgettable day, surrounded by nature .

Appleton Estate’s Dream Weekend In Negril


If you find yourself in Jamaica anytime during the last week of July, then you should feel obligated to visit Negril and spend some time partying on the beach for Dream Weekend. Dream Weekend is a week long Jamaican party with plenty of drinking, partying, music, and dancing. Of course, the best part is that it all takes place on a beautiful Jamaican beach.

Appleton Special Hosts Again.

If you have ever been to Dream Weekend in the past, then you might have seen it sponsored by some different brands. Most notably, it was sponsored by Red Stripe for some time in the past. Last year, Appleton Special took over sponsorship for the Dream Weekend and it turned out to be a great decision. This year they are sponsoring once again and it’s promising to be as memorable as it was in 2015.

Appleton Special will be sponsoring numerous events, more than 200,000 guests, and a surge of money into the economy that has been close to $2 billion during past years. That money is going towards food, alcohol, hotel rooms, clothes, transportation, and other provisions required to have a good time.

Half of those 200,000 people are likely to be tourists with the other half being locals. Thus, even though it is Jamaican festival, there are plenty of other cultures blending together over the course of a week. And what better place than Negril?

Negril: A Place That’s Worth Visiting.

There are a lot of great places to visit in Jamaica, but few of them are as widely known and loved as Negril. Negril is a fairly small beach resort town that is spread thinly over a couple of areas in Jamaica. It is about an hour drive from the airport.

The drive is long enough that every tourist won’t visit it but close enough that those who want to see what it has to offer will make the trip. The end result is a tourist destination that isn’t too crowded, but it’s not barren either.

Negril has been rated as one of the number one beaches in the entire world on multiple occasions. It spans more than four miles long, which is more than enough to host 200,000 patrons. The resorts in the south are mostly smaller hotels while the hotels at the north end are a little more expensive. Keep this in mind when you’re booking your stay.

Though the hotels may be smaller on the south end of the beach, many tourists prefer that area because there are more local shops with plenty of interesting things to offer. The north end has more all-inclusive resorts so the number of exterior shops declines.

Things To Do When You Aren’t At The Festival.

The Appleton Special festival is sure to take up most of your time while you are there. However, when you aren’t dancing or listening to music there are a few other sights and attractions you could visit while at one of the best beaches in the world.

For starters, the West End Road is located just south of the Negril downtown area. Here you can enjoy cliff jumping and diving. If you aren’t the cliff jumping type, then you can slowly walk into the water for some snorkeling nearby.

There are organized tours you can take to help give you a feel for the area if this is your first time visiting Negril. Starting with a tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with the area before you start enjoying the festival. This way you will be able to find your way back to the hotel later at night. Try showing up a day or two early to take advantage of the tour and view a few of the surrounding areas.

Keep The Area In Mind.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before you book your stay for the Appleton Special Dream Weekend. First, the temperature in Negril is usually around 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but sometimes a lot higher. The evenings, however, tend to drop in temperature. Keep this in mind when packing clothes.

Also, the currency here is the Jamaican dollar. Some shops in Negril will take USD because it is a popular tourist destination, but you should make some monetary conversions to the Jamaican dollar before visiting so you can enjoy different local shops.

Finally, remember to book as far in advance as possible. Tickets are in limited supply and you don’t want to miss your chance to be a part of the 2016 Appleton Special Dream Weekend in Negril.

Six Must See Spots in Negril, Jamaica


Some of the most beautifully stunning coastline in the entire world can be found in the quaint resort town of Negril, Jamaica. An inviting stretch of golden sand is provided on Seven Mile Beach, it is the ideal place for a dip in the Caribbean Sea and some sunbathing. There is so much to do in this pretty town, you will not have a dull moment during your visit.

Here are six hot and exciting spots to see and things to do while visiting the lovely town of Negril, Jamaica:

1. Negril Day Trip to Appleton Rum Estate, Black River as well as YS Falls

This day trip provides you the opportunity to explore the beautiful southern coast of Jamaica. This tour not only will take you to St. Elizabeth to explore the YS Falls you will also be able to take in the Black River and drop by the Appleton Rum Estate, it will also allow you to enjoy an authentic Jamaican lunch as transportation is part of the package deal.

2. A Private Bicycle Tour Of the Blue Mountains Starting at Negril and Heading to Palladium

The longest mountain range in Jamaica are the Blue Mountains which you can enjoy on a private bicycle tour. You will be driven to the Blue Mountains, enjoy a delicious breakfast as well as lunch and bike down the mountain for about twelve miles where you will be able to take a dip in the Blue Mountain mystic pool.

3. Long Bay

This world famous, blindingly white beach stretches out for eleven kilometers and is Negril´s claim to fame, this beautiful beach is guaranteed to impress even the most cynical of people. You will find all kinds of things here, from tattooed Americans, and Europeans, gigolos and hustlers offering all sorts of things such as aloe massages, drugs and sex. All sorts of water sports are offered and at night discos and reggae bars pump out music.

4. 3 Dives Jerk Centre

This shack is not very impressive, as a matter of fact, if a grade hurricane were to hit it could quite possibly be away. However, the food served there is probably the best in all of Negril. From the second you walk in your nose begins to take in the delicious smell, the sizzling lobster and colorful smoking jerk is a sight worth beholding. The wait may be long but the fresh food prepared right before your eyes will be worth it.

5. Seven Mile Beach Also known As Long Beach

Initially promoted on tourist brochures as “seven miles of only you and the sea” the once quiet and private location is now only a distant, yet happy memory. You will still see topless sunbathers lounging half submerged in the sea and the ever present smell of ganja is a natural part of the ambiance it is however now crowded with restaurants, bars and hot night spots. The beach however is still on of the most beautiful and you can enjoy the clear waters, swaying palm leaves and nearby coral reefs, it is however no longer a refuge of solitude.

6. Negril Hills

Rising inland of Negril’s West End are the Negril Hills which are a range of beautiful, low-lying hills. The raised upland is all limestone which is wildly smothered by brush. The single road which offers access from Negril to the adjoining towns is sprinkled with tiny hamlets. This is a tour that is best enjoyed and taken in by bike.

These are only five of the nearly endless locations and sights to see and experience. The beaches are beautiful, the food is to die for, the drinks are aplenty, the music is moving and the people are so friendly. This is definitely a colorful, beautiful and fun location which you will never tire of spending time in.

Mayfield Falls Negril

Mayfield Falls Negril – The Top Eco-Tourism Destination In Jamaica


Mayfield Falls in Negril, Jamaica is branded as the top ecotourism attraction in Jamaica. It is around 30 miles from Negril.

There are a number of natural pools and waterfalls to enjoy but the best part of the tour is the quite nature walk on the scenic route. It is an excellent choice for individuals who want to go to a place to relax and meditate.

One of the unique things about Mayfield Falls Negril is that it is not a crowded place as tourists do not throng this place in droves and you get to soak in the scenic beauty, the sound of natural water, and the chirping of birds without worrying about a thing in the world.

Meant for Experience and not just Sightseeing

Mayfield waterfalls are meant to play in and these are not just for sightseeing. The falls consist of a series of small cascades (21 total cascades) that are conveniently spaced out. It may also be described as a collection of mini cascades and individual rapids.

The tallest waterfall is known as the Washing Machine and it is around 3 m tall. There is enough space behind the waterfall to get behind the curtain of water and wave your hands through the water curtain.

Since there are no large waterfalls, it makes for a nice outing for the day. It’s not that difficult to walk through the water as water flows at a comfortable pace.

There is greenery everywhere and you get the feeling that you are moving through a jungle. The grounds around the falls are well maintained. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will feel one with nature when you go to Mayfield Falls.

It is important to keep in mind that the stones in the falls are slippery and you will need to wear water shoes to walk safely. If you don’t have water shoes, you can easily rent them for a small fee (around $6).

There are also a lot of trees and shade which means you shouldn’t be too concerned about sunburn.

There isn’t much to do here as it is more of a place to relax and spend some time in nature. You will keep moving through water for around 60 to 90 min.

There is a lot of natural scenery to take photographs but it is important to bring a waterproof camera as you will need to get wet to go through most of the falls.

As far as the length of the river walk is concerned, it is around 3/4 miles in length. There’s a total of 7 natural Jacuzzi where you can experience a completely natural full body massage. There is also an underwater cave for two where you can get behind the water curtain.

Petting Zoo

There is also a petting zoo with lots of ducks and geese. Dance shows and cultural music shows are also organized on several days each week featuring trained Jamaican folk singers who perform traditional songs. The petting zoo also has parrots, sheep, silk birds, turkeys, rabbits and beautiful peacocks.

Since Mayfield Falls are close to Negril you can combine a trip to the Mayfield Falls with a trip to some other parts of the island.

The main appeal of Mayfield Falls is that you will be able to swim, scramble and wade through cascades without a whole lot of tourists as most of the tourists like to go to Dunn’s river falls. At Mayfield Falls, you’ll get to play in and get behind the waterfalls and get massaged by jets of natural water.

There are a number of guides that you can hire to take you through the falls.

Overall, if you’re the type of person who like spending time in nature, you will love spending time at Mayfield Falls.

Ricks Cafe Negril

5 Things You Should Know Before Cliff Diving At Ricks Cafe in Negril


Cliff diving is a pastime that is usually attributed to people who are looking for the next big thrill. If you are looking for excitement and you will be in Jamaica, you may want to consider a dive from a cliff at the famed Ricks Cafe. Before you head to the islands and try catapulting from an acme, you should consider the following five points.

There Is A Moderate Level Of Risk Involved

Yes. Cliff diving is dangerous in general, but more so at places like Ricks Cafe. This is because you will be diving straight into the sea, as opposed to landing in fresh water. In case you didn’t know, this is much harder on the body. The less experienced you are when it comes to cliff diving, the more likely it is you will not have a great experience. Before you head there believing it will be the same as all of your previous dives in other places, do some research to make sure that you are prepared for what is in store.

Choose The Appropriate Height

There are multiple cliffs to jump from when you are at Ricks. If you know that you lack experience and you are far from a daredevil, you should certainly stick to one of the lower cliffs. Trying to impress others by diving from a cliff that is far above your skill level is a recipe for disaster. The highest cliff is about 30 feet from the surface, yet the lowest is only five feet above the water; choose wisely.

Drink AFTER You Jump

Many people head to Ricks to partake in some of the tasty libations believing that liquid courage is the key to a great diving experience. This is a huge mistake since being impaired generally leads to people being less than attentive when listening to instructions they are given. While no one is saying that you should not have the opportunity to enjoy a drink or two, you should save that part for after your dive had been completed.

Keep Your Legs Straight

One problem that many people have when diving there is quite simple: They believe that curling their legs, diving head first or doing cannonballs is a great idea. The truth is that none of these is acceptable when you are diving from the cliffs at Ricks, regardless of which height you select. In order to ensure the best experience, you should make sure that your legs are completely straight so gravity helps you land as smoothly as possible. Landing any other way can lead to discomfort, bruises and/or more serious injuries.

Don’t Be Coerced Into Jumping

The most enjoyable cliff dives are those completed by people who were prepared and ready to do something totally out of the box. If you have friends and other people trying to force you into it and you are not fully comfortable with the idea, it would be best if you refused. This is not an activity that is for everyone and feeling forced will negate the thrill and excitement for you. You can have just as much sitting back and watching others take a dive into the water.

There are numerous things to do when you are in Jamaica, yet countless tourists flock to Ricks Cafe each year in order to take a dive from one of the cliffs on the property. If this is something that you have on your to-do list and you want to make sure that you have a positive experience, make sure that you remember all of this advice along the way.

YS Falls Jamaica

YS Falls Tour in Negril Jamaica


Even though the Estate of YS has been around for hundreds of years, the site by the beautiful YS Falls did not open to the public until 1992. These natural wonders include seven waterfalls in all, which drop down into pools where visitors can marvel at them as they enjoy the cascading waters.

The History of YS Falls in Negril, Jamaica

Negril is one of Jamaica’s most relaxed towns. It is famous for the Seven Mile Beachî and it entices visitors with its resorts, restaurants and bars. The estate of YS got its name, it is believed, from the first owners. One was named John Yates and the other Richard Scott. The combination of their surname initials made YS the natural moniker, but some people believe it is actually from the Gaelic word for winding which is wyess.

Originally, the property was known for its production of sugar cane and dyes. By the time the 1950s arrived, the owner decided to breed cattle and thoroughbred horses. In 1990, the beautiful estate was opened up to the public and fast became a notable tourist attraction in Jamaica.

The area is protected to a degree, however. Too much foot traffic is destined to damage the falls, so visitors are limited in number at one time. Lifeguards are on duty and will happily let tourists know where to swim.

The bottom of the falls can be rocky and it is recommended that visitors wear swimming shoes. Children will be advised of the natural pools which are suited to swimming. It should be noted that all visitors to the Falls should know how to swim.


Visiting the Falls

Jamaica is known for waterfalls and the YS Falls are among the most attractive. They are secluded from crows and tend to allow people the chance to really relax and enjoy the beauty. Get to the YS Estate from your hotel and come prepared to ride on a jitney that will take you and your friends to the waterfalls themselves.

These waterfalls are 120-feet tall and tower over seven different levels. You will see that there are steps that will allow visitors the chance to view the falls without having to get in the water. But, for the best experience, it is recommended that you speak with the lifeguards to find out which pools under the falls are best for swimming.

One of the most popular pools has a rope that lets brave visitors swing from to jump into the cool waters below. For anyone who wants to test the waters but prefers to be a little more easy-going, there is a naturally fed spring pool that is only four feet deep.


More Things to Do

Besides getting to see the falls, you will want to finish your day off with a stop at a rum distillery. You can tour the distillery and enjoy tastings There are also eco cruise trips available along the Black River. These tours give visitors the best opportunities to see the Jamaican wildlife. Your pontoon boat can take you towards the Caribbean and sail through some of the most incredible mangroves where you can watch the birds and watch out for the crocodiles.
For those who are looking for beauty, nature and adventure, a day trip to the YS Falls is a must. You can book tours by going online or by asking your travel agent for help in booking before you depart for your resort stay. The YS Falls provide a great opportunity for cooling off in the natural beauty that is all a part of a complete Jamaican getaway.